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About me

I am a musician, performer, teacher, & long-time practitioner of AT.

My first experience of Alexander Technique was over 20yrs ago, when I was a stressed-out student and choral scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. I was astonished at the change in my mood, posture & singing after just one afternoon learning about AT.

I was hooked.

After graduating, I searched for an approach to singing that engaged my whole body as well as my mind.

I found it at the School for FM Alexander Studies in Melbourne, Australia, where I studied Voice & Performance. I returned to the UK determined to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.

I finally trained and qualified as an AT teacher at City Alexander Technique School 19 years later!


Along the way, I trained to be an opera singer with English National Opera, a conductor with Sound Connexions & the Association of British Choral Directors, I danced, I sang, I wrote music, I did yoga, tai chi & pilates, I got pregnant & gave birth to a daughter & a son, I lived with Ehlers-Danlos hypermobility, I worked a day-job in banking, I ran music workshops, I paddled kayaks, I played golf...   


...and in every aspect of my life I used AT to find balance, strength & calm.

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