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Private Lessons in Alexander Technique

Just as private singing lessons offer a more intensive learning environment than singing in a choir, private lessons in Alexander Technique provide an intensive opportunity to develop skills which you can apply to all your daily activities. 


Private lessons are individually tailored to reflect your needs & interests.

What happens in lessons?

In a typical lesson, you will work through simple activities, such as moving from sit-to-stand, walking or moving your hands & arms whilst practising a form of mindfulness which is unique to Alexander Technique.

I use gentle hands-on guidance to help you discover a new co-ordination of thinking & movement, which will enhance your balance, body awareness & mobility. 

Lessons usually include a period of lying down in 'Active Rest' - the classic Alexander Technique "semi-supine" - while I encourage you to release unnecessary muscle tension using your thinking and my touch.

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How many lessons will I need?

Alexander Technique is a sensory-motor skill just like driving a car, riding a bike or playing an instrument.  Some people will pick it up quickly, others will need more time to develop the skill.

A minimum of a ten-week term of weekly lessons is recommended in order to gain a sound foundation in the technique.  After three terms, most people will have mastered the skill and be able to apply the technique by themselves in everyday life for the rest of their lives. 


Many people find learning Alexander Technique so fun & interesting, that they continue with occasional lessons or classes over many years!

How much do lessons cost?

A 40-min private lesson at Northwood Alexander costs £50

Block-booking discount:

10-week term (paid in advance): £450

5-week half-term (paid in advance): £230

What should I wear?

You can wear anything you like, although you may be more comfortable in trousers than a skirt or shorts. 

You may be asked to remove your shoes, other than that you remain fully dressed throughout lessons.

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