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Superheroes' secret superpower!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

8 minutes into Episode 2 of Netflix’s The Defenders, I spotted the Iron Fist ‘restoring his qi’ in classic #AlexanderTechnique #semisupine!

I have long thought of Alexander Technique as an everyday superpower, so I loved seeing a superhero using it to restore his super mystical energy!

Since then I have been keeping an eye out for other super-Alexander-heroes:

Here is Ruby Rose as Batwoman talking about how she uses Alexander Technique to embody the role.

Here are a couple of fantastic video clips of the wonderful Christopher Reeve using #AlexanderTechnique to ‘transform’ from Clark Kent to Superman and back.

Here's another superman! Watch Brandon Routh talking (just after 12mins) about using #AlexanderTechnique to train as Superman for Superman Returns.

If you happen to spot any other superheroes using the Technique, I'd love to know!

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