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Talking skeletons, sensory feedback and maternal self-care...

First up, here is a funny video from AT teacher James Sholto on the "Primary Control":

I also spotted this great article on Interoception last week:

Alexander referred to AT as "Psycho-physical sensory-motor re-education".

The "sensory" part of that is really well described in the article. AT is a great way to learn how to become more aware of your interior sensory landscape & use that sensory feedback to move, breathe & think more freely.

Finally, in AT research news: a new study on using AT to support maternal wellbeing was published in Midwifery Journal last week. The study found that AT was helpful in supporting maternal rest & self-care: " a way, it's just as beneficial as sleep"!

This reinforces the findings of this 2017 study in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery which indicate that practising AT during pregnancy & post-partum can increase the enjoyment of pregnancy, motherhood & childcare.

Remember to take a few minutes each day to lie down in AT "semi-supine", & I hope you have a restful November!

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